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The Bold Heart

As Scotland's greatest warrior and heir to the earldom of Mull, few dared to cross swords with Ewan MacLean.

But the price he paid for his fearsome reputation was a heavy one. To survive, he buried his emotions and became only the warrior, riding from battle to battle with his men to protect Scotland from threats within and without her borders and letting himself feel nothing else.

But when his right-hand man, Alec Montgomery, is caught dallying with a powerful Lord’s daughter, a trap is set. And both Ewan and Alec find themselves in an English prison, their necks headed for the noose.

On the Isle of Skye, the high-spirited Merry MacLeod is no longer troubled by childhood memories of the day the braw lad, Ewan MacLean, rescued her from her husband, the cruel MacDonald. But when she hears this very same Ewan is now confined in an English prison, she disguises herself as a lad and sets out to repay her debt.

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and meet Madison Adler....

Carmen's alter-ego writes a YA fantasy series about the mysterious world of the Fae.

Next comes the first book in the Heather part of the series: Heather House: Witch of the Moors (2014)